As the Hope Diamond, also known as “Le bleu de France” or “Le Bijou du Roi” is now housed in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C, the stylish Barbie took the inspiration of this world’s largest blue diamond by presenting the Hope Diamond Barbie® doll

Inspired by the 45.52 carats famed jewelry setting, Barbie wears a glamorous navy gown with flared bottom to form an impactful silhouette, and of course, there is an exquisite miniature replica of the Hope Diamond adorns her neck elegantly, making the doll even more glorious and graceful.

Valued at US$79.99, Hope Diamond Barbie® doll flaunts a deep midnight blue charmeuse gown with low neckline and elegant ruffles forming the short sculpted sleeves. At the bottom the gown is detailed with flared skirt, as well as another detail at the waist, and to add the perfection of luxury, Barbie wears a pair of long white opera gloves matched with the sparkling silver bangle and earrings to complete the look. While her curly red hair shines the entire look complemented the sparkling Hope Diamond necklace.

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